CCA The Puppy Program (Group Class)
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CCA The Puppy Program (Group Class)

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Set Your Puppy Up For Success.

Calm Canine Academy’s signature 8-class puppy raising program takes you through this formative period. Optimise this critical developmental stage, build communication, and properly socialize your puppy to the challenges of our human world. 


Basic Training.

It is never too early to start developing a communication system with your new puppy. Under the guidance of experts learn how to lay a solid foundation for vital behaviors like name recognition, attention, recall and loose leash walking.

Puppy Nipping.

Puppy nipping is normal! Understand and tackle troublesome mouthing humanely and effectively using modern management and behavior modification techniques.

House Training.

Master this, often challenging, issue off the bat. Learn how to use modern puppy management techniques, and reinforcement based training to teach your puppy where to eliminate!

Proper Socialization.

The first few months of a puppy’s life are crucial to their development. Learn how to properly socialize your puppy to new people, environments, objects, handling, grooming, people, dogs, and noises.

Separation & Independence.

Avoid the stress of separation related anxiety by easing your pup into separation and confinement under guidance of experts. Launch into crate and separation training to teach your puppy to feel comfortable alone.

Unwanted Behaviors.

Barking, scratching, jumping, digging, zooming, nipping… you name it, we’ve handled it. Let our experts guide you through these common issues and restore peace to your household.